How To Get The Right Hang Height



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Control of the glider and confort are very important for your every day flying, specially when you will be hanging up there for a long time, this is achieved by using the right length of  hang loop.

The closer you can be to the control bar you will have a better leverage and this translates on lighter control forces, but this also need to be check against 1st, if you have a front mounted reserve parachute, that it doesn’t interfere with the control bar, and 2nd, comfort because the closer you are to the base bar it forces the elbows to be bent tighter. 

With all the different combination of Gliders, harnesses and body types you probably will need to experiment a bit to find the right position for you and once you find the sweet spot, if you are adding a hang loop extension then you should get a proper hang loop made. 

To measure the right length for your new hang loop there are a series of steps and measures you will need to take, the following article will show you how to do this.